Wednesday, 25 November 2009

2010 TRP Euro-X alloy brakes

I ordered a set of 2010 alloy TRP Euro-X brakes in the new red colour from recently. These are destined for my new Focus Mares Team, to replace the very fancy but slightly impractical (for cross) FRM V-brakes that came with it as stock.

The TRP's have been upgraded for 2010 with a very neat barrel adjuster on the left arm allowing easy adjustment. They also have the In-Place Adjust cartirdge pad holders as standard, which were an expensive upgrade to last years alloy brakes. The brakes come very nicely presented in a well paded box and are supplied with standard AND carbon specific pads. A great deal for £95 in my view. I fitted them to the Focus last night, and although not finally fettled, they have a great action and seem to pull consistently. This is a good thing, as they don't have spring tension adjusters on each arm (like V-brakes), so you need to rely on the locking straddle bridge to adjust pull. Mine pulled nice and even at first attempt. I have swapped out the pads to Swiss-Stop yellows, as they work really well and can reliably be used on both alloy and carbon rims.
Update on race performance to follow.